Step 1: Brainstorm Program Ideas

To get started, you should brainstorm a program focus, desired program duration, and budget. Other important program elements to consider are the location, activities, learning outcomes, curriculum, and faculty/staff attending. MOBT has a number of sample Faculty-led Programs to review online.  You can also contact us to help you with this process.

Step 2: Contact your Study Abroad Office

It is important to contact your Study Abroad Office before reaching out to MOBT to receive details about guidelines, policies, deadlines, and other relevant information. The Study Abroad office may also be able to provide you with advice for a successful program and help you shape your program idea.

Step 3: Contact MOBT

After you determine your program focus and have been in touch with your Study Abroad Office, you can now reach out to MOBT to help put your program ideas together. Our professional staff will work with you to develop a detailed program proposal.

Here are some ideas of Program Topics that you may implement in Morocco:

Agriculture  -  Andalusian history and the Reconquista  -  Arab Springs  -  Arabic Language  -  Architecture and Design  -  Civil Society and Leadership  -  Climate Change  -  Coexistence  -  Comparative Religion  -  Culture of the Moors  -  French and Spanish Colonization  -  French Language  -  Girls Empowerment  -  Global Sustainability  -  Heritage of the Natives in Morocco  -  Immigration  -  LGBT rights  -  Mathematics  -  Moroccan Gastronomy  -  Moroccan-American Relations and shared history  -  Renewable Energy  -  Sacred Music  -  Seed bank and Nursery Establishment  -  Small Business and Development  -  Technology in Developing World  -  The Culture of Sufism  -  The Presence of the Phoenician and Romans in North Africa  -  Water and Irrigations Systems  -  Women's rights  -  Youth Development - Permaculture