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Executive Director

Louis Shannon has lived primarily in the southwestern United States of America. He has called Colorado, Arizona, California, and Washinton state home, and now resides in Northeast Ohio. Louis joined Morocco Off the Beaten Track in 2015 because of his passion for sharing culture and drive to be part of an organization that has such a strong sense of purpose. Louis has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and has grown accustomed to social speaking, marketing, and organization. He loves to travel and experience new places, diving deep into the culture by meeting and interacting with local people.  He earned his Bachelor's Degree in architecture from Washington State University, and one of his favorite things to do is explore and experience the different architectural techniques used around the world.  He might also take a ridiculous amount of photos of random buildings while he is traveling. Louis enjoys spending time outdoors, researching, cooking new recipes, and meeting new people.

Director of Global Operations/Systems Analyst

Yassine Echcherki is originally from Fez, Morocco. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing at Central Washington University and his Master of Science in Structures of Data Analytics. In addition to speaking his native Arabic language, Yassine is fluent in French and English. He worked for the U.S. Peace Corps as an Arabic language instructor and culture trainer for Peace Corps Volunteers. Yassine has also facilitated cross-cultural and educational programs for several American organizations and volunteered as a teacher in a primary school in Citta Del Castelo, Italy. In 2010, Yassine was selected to participate in the U.S. State Department’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders Program at Montana State University. This prestigious program brings young leaders from North Africa and the Middle East to learn leadership skills and to study democracy, human rights, and conflict resolution. Yassine has also volunteered and taught English to Syrian refugees in the greater Seattle area while providing them with localization and life coach services. Yassine strongly believes that cross-cultural education and international learning opportunities are the keys to promoting peace and enhancing good friendships.

Program Coordinator / Leader

Evan Pugh first visited Morocco as part of a high school study abroad program. Subsequent study and work experiences as a Boren scholar and Fulbright researcher gave him wonderful opportunities to study Arabic, interview olive and almond farmers, and--of course--explore Morocco's beautiful and varied countryside! He loves how easy and rewarding travel is in Morocco. Mountainous coastlines, orchard-dotted heartlands, and rocky deserts are all an easy day trip apart. He is passionate about Moroccan history, language, and cuisine, and he always jumps at the opportunity to visit the Moroccan countryside.

Program Manager

Hassan Echcherki is originally from Sefrou, Morocco. He graduated from the Superior Institute of Tourism in Fez and has tremendous experience in hospitality and event planning. Hassan started with MOBT as a Program Assistant, then as a Program Coordinator, and we are glad to have him now as our in-country Program Manager. Hassan's main duty is to make sure our travelers and students are not only enjoying their trip but also safe. He works closely with tour guides and drivers to provide them with the necessary training that will make our travelers experience a memorable and hassle-free one. Hassan is a great asset to our organization and we are so glad to have him. In his spare time, Hassan likes gardening and socializing with his friends.


Travel Specialist

Becca Franks is originally from Pasadena, California. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Fine Art from Occidental College, she spent several years traveling and living in different countries, including Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Morocco. During these travels, she worked various jobs, ranging from English teacher to hostel manager. In 2018, Becca moved to Granada, Spain, and has called it home ever since. Throughout her time there, she has balanced her commitment to teaching English with the management of a locally-based artist, and eventually completed a Master's Degree in Development Cooperation & Public and NGDO Administration at the University of Granada. Her love for the environment fuels her passion for sustainability and ecological consciousness. She is also an ardent traveler, enthusiastic about exploration and cross-cultural experiences. She is fascinated by the rich culture found within Spain, such as Granada's historical roots that span over a millennium, as well as the diverse array of people, languages, and landscapes in every corner of the country. She also enjoys live music, spending time with animals, and trying new vegetarian recipes.


Program Assistant

Achraf Nekker is originally from Essaouira, a coastal city on the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco. He holds a diploma in Networking and Computer Systems and has worked as a database assistant with Iodine Global Network and as a loan manager in microfinance banking. He has also worked in hospitality where he managed a Riad that hosted many different people from all over the world.

Achraf has participated in Erasmus+ cultural programs with many countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, where he was a volunteer with many associations, including Bayti Association, which protects children in his hometown.

Achraf has a passion for photography and has traveled across Morocco and to some European countries to take pictures in his free time. He also enjoys socializing with people of different cultures and experiences and feels that it makes his life happier and more complete.


Program Assistant

Samia Echcherki has lived all around Morocco and has a great knowledge of the local life in different regions. She is currently based in Agadir and enjoys her time there raising her two energetic boys. Samia spoils her family and friends with amazing cooking and she is dedicated to making sure those around her are happy and having a good time. Samia holds a degree in accounting and enterprise management and handles the majority of the administrative tasks that keeps us organized and on top of things. She is a vital part of the team and she works hard to make sure that our travelers' experiences exceed expectations.

Field Specialist

Sara Beniounes is originally from Sefrou and currently lives in Marrakech. She holds a Master’s Degree in computer science and has experience in teaching professionally. She has been teaching computer science in high school since 2013. Sara is very involved in community service projects and is a member of Ataa Bila Hodoud Association where she organizes rock painting workshops. Sara loves to go off the beaten track and exploring the mountains. She has reached Mt.Toubkal (the second highest mountain after Kilimanjaro in Kenya, about 13671.26 feet) several times with her groups.

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