MOBT designs fully customizable programs for educational institutions and professional organizations. These programs are designed to meet the needs of students and faculty who want to experience in-depth Moroccan culture, practice the Arabic language, and engage in community service projects. Some program options may include airport pickup/drop off, a welcome orientation, homestay, cultural excursions, historical site visits, informal lectures with University professors and community leaders, and a farewell party. Quality support will be provided by our professional staff.

We offer many different activities and local destinations to make your program memorable and rich. The program may include:
• Historical guided tours
• Hike of the scenic Atlas Mountains and its Berber villages
• Visits to National Parks
• Investigating the issues of water management and land-use
• Connecting with local farmers and female artisans
• Exploring Morocco’s progressive work with women’s issues
• Engaging in community service with volunteers from the U.S. Peace Corps
• Panel discussions with University professors and community leaders to learn about the Moroccan political system
• Hearing about Moroccan government and press, and the effects of tourism across Morocco


Plan your Faculty-Led Program with us now


Here are some ideas of Program Topics that you may consider to implement in Morocco:

Climate Change, Global Sustainability, Agriculture, Coexistence, Youth Development, Immigration, Women's rights, LGBT rights, Architecture and Design, Moroccan Gastronomy, French Language, Comparative Religion, Arab Springs, Renewable Energy,  Girls Empowerment, Culture of the Moors, Mathematics, Technology in Developing World, Heritage of the Natives in Morocco, The French and Spanish Colonization, Sacred Music, The Culture of Sufism, The Presence of the Phoenician and Romans in North Africa, Water and Irrigations Systems, Small Business and Developments, Seed bank and Nursery Establishment, Civil Society and Leadership, Moroccan-American Relations and shared history, Arabic Language Learning, Andalusian history and the Reconquista, and many more. 


" I visited MOBT in 2015 at their office in Sefrou, Morocco to discuss homestay and service learning options in the area and was impressed with their hospitality and extensive knowledge of the region. The staff members showed me neighborhoods and community centers that I would not have been able to visit on my own without their deep connections in the city. I had great discussions with the staff members about culture, urbanization, tourism, and community service projects. MOBT showed great capacity to develop wonderful service learning ideas for student groups that paired American students and Moroccan youth to complete service projects for the community. MOBT also had wonderful ideas for cultural activities for American students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Moroccan culture. Each activity was well thought out and presented in a professional manner that outlined the details, purpose, and goal of each activity. Community service projects were outlined with descriptions of the project, educational purpose of the project for the students, and impact on the local community. I very much appreciated their attention to detail and emphasis on student learning. I found working with MOBT to be a pleasure! Communication was easy and staff members had no problem understanding program goals and turning ideas into thoughtful activities and projects geared toward student learning and positive community impact."

Lisa Devine, Associate Director of Global Programs, Lakeside School, WA