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Become a Vendor with MOBT Global

Thank you for your interest in partnering with MOBT Global. We value strong business relationships and are always seeking reliable vendors to collaborate with. If you are a foreign organization interested in doing business with us, please follow the simple steps outlined below:

Step 1: Complete the Vendor Business Information Form

To get started, please fill out our Vendor Business Information Form. This form gathers essential details about your company, such as contact information, services offered, business license, bank information, and references. Providing accurate and comprehensive information will help us assess how our businesses can align and collaborate effectively. You will be required to submit a complete W8-Ben Form while completing the Vendor Business Information Form. Instructions will be provided.

Step 2: Sign the Referendum of Understanding

Once you have completed the Vendor Business Information Form, we kindly request that you sign our Referendum of Understanding. This document outlines the expectations, responsibilities, and ethical standards we adhere to in our business partnerships. It ensures a mutual understanding and a commitment to professionalism, integrity, and customer satisfaction. The Referendum of Understanding will be emailed to you to review and sign after you complete Step 1.