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Jewish Heritage Program

Program Overview

The Jewish Heritage Program is focused on the history and
impact of the Jewish population on Morocco, and the coexistence
of Abrahamic religions throughout the centuries. This program
will demonstrate how communities with vastly different beliefs
can peacefully integrate and support each other. A goal of this
program is to broaden the minds and perception of students, and
to teach them that embracing diversity is a historical practice.

This program balances archaeological site visits, contemporary
cultural tours, and historical education. Students will have the
opportunity to visit many Jewish quarters in different major cities
around the country, as well as some more rural destinations.
Students will interact with locals, both Jewish and non-Jewish,
who have experienced the peaceful coexistence of a diverse
gathering of cultural beliefs. Additionally, students will hear from
university professors about the historic implications of Jewish
migration on Moroccan culture.

Program Elements

  • Attend lectures and discussions from experts in Moroccan Jewish history and culture
  • Visit sites of historical and contemporary significance to Morocco’s Jewish community, including Mellahs (Jewish quarters), shrines, synagogues, and cemeteries
  • Visit Jewish community centers
  • Participate in workshops to learn about craftwork introduced by the Jewish population
  • Live with a Moroccan homestay family
  • Visit the Museum of Moroccan Judaism in Casablanca
  • Engage in personal conversations with Moroccan university students
  • Experience traditional Moroccan
    food influenced by Jewish locals

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