Arabic Language and Community Service Program

The Arabic Language & Community Service Program is designed to take participants on a discovery of Moroccan hospitality and its cultural diversity within ancient cities and in the heart of Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains. The goal of this program is to bring a sense of global social responsibility through community service and interaction with local communities.


Agricultural Studies Program

The Horticultural Studies Program will expose students to the diverse landscapes of Morocco to study and explore Moroccan horticulture and food systems. This program provides a multi-disciplinary overview of modern Moroccan horticulture that includes discussions of horticultural and natural resource science, sociology, food culture, horticultural economics, sustainability, and climate change.

Jewish Heritage Program

The Jewish Heritage Program is focused on the history and impact of the Jewish population on Morocco, and the coexistence of Abrahamic religions throughout the centuries. This program will demonstrate how communities with vastly different beliefs can peacefully integrate and support each other. A goal of this program is to broaden the minds and perception of students and to teach them that embracing diversity is historical practice.