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Agricultural Studies Program

Program Overview

The Agricultural Studies Program will expose students to the diverse landscapes of Morocco to study and explore Moroccan agriculture and food systems. This program provides a multidisciplinary overview of modern Moroccan horticulture that includes discussions of Agriculture and natural resource science, sociology, food culture, horticultural economics, sustainability, and climate change.

Students will be taught by researchers, government specialists, cooks, and horticulturists both in the classroom and on the farm. They will complete this program with a broad understanding of the Agriculture realities faced by Morocco and other semi-arid nations. To balance this, students will undergo Arabic language instruction to assist in their communication with the local community in which they will become part of. Additionally, students interested in Agriculture development, land management, or the environmental and social sciences will find material in this program that can complement their studies. Educational excursions and experiences will balance out the days and keep the content diverse and engaging.

Program Elements

  • Learn the tools and methods used in traditional Moroccan farming
  • Attend seminars and talks with University professors and professionals on topics concerning horticulture
  • Engage in personal conversations with Moroccan university students
  • Learn about the Morocco SeedBank, the largest of its kind in North Africa
  • Learn and practice Arabic through language classes and immersion with homestay family members and locals
  • Experience traditional Moroccan food and personal connections in a family homestay
  • Enjoy the rich variety of Moroccan landscapes
  • Meet volunteers from the U.S. Peace Corps and CorpsAfrica, discovering living in Morocco through their stories

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