Take the trip of a lifetime on one of our Morocco cultural tours from Morocco Off The Beaten Track. We set the standard of excellence with expert guides, Program leaders and top-notch service. Don’t be tied down by a group. We’ll customize a Morocco holiday just for you. Review our cultural itineraries and programs to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Morocco Off The Beaten Track is made up of expert local and foreign staff who know Morocco best. A number of our team are former Peace Corps staff with extensive expertise in cross-culture education and leadership. We are staff with professionals intent on providing the most meaningful cross-cultural experiences for our program participants through reflection and individual growth.

MOBT designs both private culture tours and educational programs.

Our philosophy in developing private culture tours is to focus on providing a true Moroccan experience for our visitors through homestay, social interactions, and guided tours. These experiences can be deeply customized to meet the wants, needs and expectations of our visitors.

As educators, we provide learning programs for college and high school students, as well as private youth groups. these programs are typically during the summer, and they include community service, cultural excursions, homestay, language classes and crafts workshops.

Our Mission

The mission of Morocco Off The Beaten Track is to help underserved Moroccans especially women and youth to improve their quality of life through sustainable development projects that promote cultural understanding and friendship between Local Moroccans and individuals who partake our cultural tours and summer programs.

Who we are and what we do?

•Our highly knowledgeable staff lives and works in Morocco, making us the country’s most reputed organization for cross-cultural education. A number of our team members are former Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff with a lot of expertise in cross-culture and leadership. They are committed educators who are intent on providing the most meaningful cross-cultural experiences, as well as the deepest experience of personal learning, reflection and growth.
•With MOBT you’ll experience Morocco’s wonderful people,Culture, landscapes, colors, and flavors.
•We offer educational learning programs for American and European college students, professors and alumni from universities, high schools and other educational institutions.
•We are ambitious Moroccans who know the country very well, we have lived overseas and immersed in different cultures. MOBT Staff Profiles

MOBT has been supporting different community projects. We helped build a library in the remote village of Ahinajen school, trained women artizans to develop small business and funded several community youth clubs mainly those who are related to Dar Chebab (Youth House) of the Moroccan Ministry of Youth and Sport.