Jewish Heritage Studies is a two week program designed for college students who are curious about a different history of Jewish people. Morocco has been home for Jews for centuries, and their history and heritage is still present today. This program will give students an understanding of how Muslims and Jews coexisted in an accepting and peaceful manner. They will visit sites where there was a high Jewish population historically, and where there is still a large population today. The students will meet with professors and organizations who teach and preserve Jewish heritage in Morocco.


  • Explore 14th century Jewish quarters in Moroccan cities including Marrakesh, Fez, Sefrou, and Casablanca
  • Attend informal classes about Jewish history and culture conducted by academic professors and professionals
  • Visit the only Jewish Museum in the Arab/Muslim world located in Casablanca
  • Hear testimonies from people who experienced the coexistence between Jewish and  Muslim Moroccan communities, and who witnessed the Jewish immigration to Israel
  • Engage in craft workshops that were introduced by the Jewish community, such as ceramics, woodwork and jewelry making

PROGRAM BRIEF ITINERARY (A detailed itinerary will be available soon)

Day 1 Casablanca

Day 2 Chefchaouen

Day 3 Fez via Ouazzane

Day 4 Fez

Day 5 Fez

Day 6 Sefrou

Day 7  Sefrou

Day 8 Marrakesh

Day 9 Demnate

Day 10 Taroudant

Day 11 Taroudant

Day 12 Essaouira

Day 13 Essaouira

Day 14 Casablanca

Day 15 Casablanca Departures

This program is designed and operated through Morocco Off the Beaten Track, and can be customized to meet your educational needs.